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As I sit down this morning I am reminded of how long it has been since I last put something up on my blog. It has been nearly two months but it feels like it has been longer. I have been keeping myself busy and life has a way of filling the spaces that we … More Back to Blogging

Another Novel

I have been working on a second novel lately. Well, to be honest I have been letting my subconscious work on a second novel. I don’t know if I have a creative process or if I just have delusions, but I thought it would be helpful for me to remind myself how I think this … More Another Novel

Why I Teach

This morning I read an article in the NYTimes by Charles Blow, In Honor of Teachers about a teacher who inspired him. I am glad I read the article but I made the mistake of reading the comments other readers had about the article. Now I realize that many people have some strong opinions about teachers and … More Why I Teach

My $400 Chickens

For about three years my wife has wanted chickens. She has been reading chicken books, visiting chickens, thinking about chickens and talking about someday having chickens. We have enough property for chickens, but I haven’t wanted them for one reason: I don’t want chickens. Sure I would like some fresh eggs but I can get … More My $400 Chickens

Would Orwell Love the Bush Administration?: 4/2/2004

In 1948, when George Orwell was writing 1984, he modeled his Big Brother government after Joseph Stalin’s regime in Russia. The oppressive Big Brother was always watching, always at war and always controlling the flow of information to the people of Oceania (England and the Americas). Does this sound familiar to anyone out there? Well … More Would Orwell Love the Bush Administration?: 4/2/2004