A Weekend in Oz

  Seatac is not really part of the Emerald City, but the bastard child of Tacoma and Seattle has its own charm: aging hotels, tourists waiting for another flight, and parking garages. Seatac was home this weekend to the Pacific Northwest Writers Association annual conference and because I wanted to eat unhealthy food, sit without … More A Weekend in Oz

I am Water

The Middle-of-Nowhere, Kansas is where I was born. It was the wrong place for me to be born. I don’t have much in common with Kansas. Kansas is dirt, I am water. I was moved to Chicago not too long after my birth. It is the first place I remember seeing water, real water. Lake … More I am Water

Making the Cut: Part 3

Yesterday was the biggest cut, the deepest cut in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. The contest started with 5,000 novels and has been slowly been chopping away for about four months. Yesterday readers from Publisher’s Weekly cut from 250 down to 50 novels and my novel (Six Summers in Paris) made it. It will … More Making the Cut: Part 3

Making the Cut Part 2

A few months ago I wrote about getting cut from various activities in my life. My  life of failure is well documented. Was it Shakespeare who wrote “the first cut is the deepest?” No, that was Cat Stevens. Shakespeare wrote about “the unkindest cut of all.” Nevertheless, if there is one thing Mr. Stevens, Mr. … More Making the Cut Part 2