Category: A Year Of tRUMP

A Short Week: 23-29 Days

Day 23: Trump’s back to claiming he won the popular vote, calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas, and making the best deals with China. Can’t wait until he rolls out his secret plan to destroy ISIS. You know what goes best with fiction? Souvlaki! Day 24: North Korea shot off […]

A Short Week: 37-43 Days

Day 37: Spicer banned “fake” news from a closed-door meeting (the same fakers that reported Trump is trying to kill FBI investigations into Russia’s connections to Trump’s campaign), the dumbest wall ever to be planned is moving forward, Bannon announced his goal is to destroy government, and Trump […]

A Short Week: 44-50 Days

Day 44: Turns out the Obama administration distributed the Trump Russian connections throughout various government agencies because they worried the Trump administration would cover everything up. When will it all come out? Who knows, but now Trump is saying that Obama bugged the Trump Tower’s phones. You know […]