Day 136

The good news about the Paris Accord is that the world is going to move on without us. I guess this is what it feels like to live in a second world country with a senile, orange dictator.  Trump did have a series of tweets about the London attacks right after the attacks happened which … More Day 136

Day 137

What can I say? For the second time in 137 days, Trump didn’t do anything truly stupid that I am aware of. He went golfing. I think it is great when he gets out on the course…maybe he should stay there.  Vlad Putin was interviewed by Megan Kelly (now working at NBC). I didn’t watch … More Day 137

Day 138

Things are back to normal in the Trump administration…in other words crazy town.  Kellyann Conway’s husband crawled out of the Conway family bunker and said that Trump’s tweets on the travel ban are hurting the legal case that is heading to the Supreme Court. You know what else is hurting the case? The Constitution.  Reports … More Day 138

Day 139

Trump has announced his nominee for the FBI director position: Christopher Wray. I know nothing about this guy other than the simple fact that he looks like the love child of Elliot Spitzer and Paul Rudd. (You look and tell me I wrong.)  Liberal Fake News Rag Forbes has an interesting article about how the … More Day 139

Day 140

Day 140: We reach a milestone today: 10% of the way through a full-term Trump Presidency. Here’s to hoping we are actually halfway through.  The big news is all about Comey testifying today. Comey released his opening statements yesterday. If you haven’t read them, you should. They are really interesting. I think Comey has created … More Day 140

Day 141

Comey testified under oath. Said Donnie hairdo lied. Said Donnie hairdo tried to get him to drop the Flynn investigation. Said he hoped there were tapes of his conversations with Donnie hairdo. Spin doctors on the right called it a nothing burger…I’ll call that nothing burger filled with mystery meat. I firmly believe that Comey … More Day 141

Day 142

Donnie “Little Fingers” Trump says that Jimmy “The Leaker” Comey was lying. Trump also says that he will 100% testify under oath…who else thinks that is going to end up like his other lies? (“I have proof that three million people voted illegally. Obama wire tapped me. Obama was born in Kenya, I have evidence. … More Day 142

Day 143

Trump keeps tweeting that Comey is lying. Methinks the orange one doth protest too much.  Sessions will be called to testify soon and I’m betting he says two things: I do not recall, and I have been advised by legal counsel to use my fifth amendment rights.  Looks like Trump won’t be heading off to … More Day 143

Day 144

The Trumps are all together in the White House. I think this is a good thing. Maybe Melania and Barron can hide Trump’s phone, so he stops Tweeting at three am.  Preet Bharara said that there is absolutely evidence of obstruction. He should know since he’s one of those lawyer dudes.  Jefro Bowdeen Sessions will … More Day 144

Day 145

Yesterday, President Trump started his cabinet meeting with a North Korean version of King Lear. “Before we start giving tax breaks to billionaires and taking away healthcare, why don’t we go around the table and everyone say what they most like about me.” The loser of the sycophant convention was General Mattis who praised the … More Day 145