Day 116

Trump took the day off to recharge his battery pack by stuffing chocolate cake in his pie hole, but the Sunday news programs had plenty to talk about after his latest Twitter outburst about Comey and recorded conversations. Adding to the noise was Kellyanne Conway who found her way out the sealed room Bannon locked … More Day 116

Day 117

Trump is looking for the leakers by ranting on Twitter. Here’s how to find the leaker: find a mirror, look for the guy with an orange face. Is it a leak when the president tells the Russians classified information? I hope when he meets with the president of Turkey somebody puts a shock collar on … More Day 117

Day 118

Well, there you go. Trump tells Russian spies secrets from Israel. (Next week’s trip to Israel should be fun.) Tells Comey to stop investigation and insists on a pledge of loyalty like he’s The Godfather, and then admits to obstructing justice. When will this clown learn? He should know by now that souvlaki is the … More Day 118

Day 119

I was home yesterday with a 130-degree temperature. (This is an estimate, I was too sick to check my temperature, it could have been 150.) I woke up at one point and saw CNN was saying a special counsel had been named and the person named, Mueller, was a rational and trusted human. I figured … More Day 119

Day 120

Trump is preparing for his first, and hopefully last, overseas trip as President. His old buddy Flynn is refusing to turn over evidence, but Vlad Putin has offered some evidence to support Trump’s version of reality. I’m so glad we’re getting along with the Russians these days; they seem so honest. The republicans are beginning … More Day 120

Day 121

The President is in Saudi Arabia. Let’s see if he can get through all these meetings without turning it into a pity party for droopy Donnie. I think if he breaks out the “nobody has suffered as much as me” while at the Vatican the Pope might show Trump a few pictures in the Vatican … More Day 121

Day 122

Trump is all set to deliver his speech (written by cyborg Stevie Miller) to the leaders of the Islamic world. So far, his trip has included some dancing while holding a sword, some walking down a red carpet longer than his tie, some curtsying to the king, and an all-male Toby Keith concert. What says … More Day 122

Day 123

Prez Trump is in Jerusalem. This is the part of the trip where he will find out that the conflict in the holy lands isn’t Obama’s fault and that they have been fighting a really, really long time. “Who knew?” He did ask the Muslim world to drive out terrorism in his speech to a … More Day 123

Day 124

Donnie had a busy day. He put a prayer in the Western Wall. Someone reported the note said, “Please make James Comey die before he testifies.” I don’t believe it, I think the note probably said, “Make me really, really rich. Also, make all the Russians who I owe money forget about it ’cause I’m … More Day 124

Day 125

The Trump budget is out. Guess what? There are tax breaks for the rich and cuts to social programs to help the poor. Who could have guessed? I hope all the people who voted for Trump to bring their coal jobs back are happy now. The odd thing is that this budget dropped on the … More Day 125