Day 100

Winning…Winning…Winning. It’s time to count up the wins. Remember when you weren’t tired of winning? Those days are long gone. Let’s count them up:  Mexican paid for walls: 0 Hillarys in jail: 0 Largest crowds: 0 Sean Spicer Meltdowns: 8 Extremely Vetted Muslim bans: 0 for 2 Wiretaps by Obama: 0 Jobs for Jared Kushner: … More Day 100

Day 101

Donnie Big Tie skipped the White House Correspondents’ dinner and went to Penn for an election rally. People cheered him on as he explained how he was going to keep creating those coal jobs and opening those steam train factories. He invited President Dutarte to visit so he can learn how to move to the … More Day 101

Day 102

So just for the record, here are the leaders Trump has praised: Duterte, LePen, Putin. Here’s the leader he refused to shake hands with Merkel. Does that strike anyone else as odd? In other news, North Korea says they are going to shoot off another rocket, Trump says if that happens there will be bigly, … More Day 102

Day 103

If you were worried, I would run out of things to write about each day have no fear. Donnie Raccoon Eyes had a bigly, bigly day yesterday. He walked out on an interviewer who asked him about the wiretapping charges against Obama. We learned that Andrew Jackson, slave owner and racist, could have prevented the … More Day 103

Day 104

A couple days ago, Donnie Vienna Sausage Fingers praised Kim Jung-un for being a really, really smart leader. Yep, what can I say? Add Un to the list of crazy people Donnie likes. Somebody better tell him that Stalin and Hitler are dead or we might end up with another Frederick Douglass incident. On the … More Day 104

Day 105

After yesterday’s testimony by FBI Director Comey, I’ve decided that the investigation is either a slow rolling paving machine that will crush all of Trump’s cabinet, or it is one of those movies where one person infects the whole world with a fatal disease. One thing is certain, Anthony Wiener’s libido has caused some pretty … More Day 105