Jon Eekhoff

Why is my page titled South of the Strait? Well I live in a far corner of the United States. I live in a small town south of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. If I was going to throw a rock across the strait it would land in Canada. I used to be an English teacher. I have worked in Westport, Port Angeles, and Sequim, Washington… and I did two years of substitute teaching in Coalinga, California.

I’ve moved around a lot, living in: Sterling,Kansas; Chicago; Jordan, Montana; Lemoore, California; Auckland, New Zealand; Spokane, Washington; Gambier, Ohio.
What do I write? For WordPress I used to print once a week for general comments. I wrote reviews of music concerts my daughter made me attend. (Each month she would want us to drive to Seattle to see a music group. I usually stood in the back watching weird stuff.) I also wrote about trips I have taken in Europe where I liked getting lost. I also wrote during the few months when my son was treated for cancer. (He is officially free of cancer of five years.) About three years ago I decided to stop writing blogs so I could concentrate on writing a few books. I have completed three books…or maybe four. I have now compiled my short stories poems and memoirs on Amazon. You can get it at Amazon now…”A Work In Progress”–Jon Eekhoff. I have been very close to getting a printed book called “Lost Summer” but I was never offered $1,000,000.00. (It’s set in Paris, 1920’s, with baseball, writers, artist, and actually true stuff.) I wrote a book about college basketball called “Laidlaw.” It’s kind of a mix of “Moby Dick” and a coach who is about to get fired so he takes his team out for a free drive around the West. My most recent book is “California Tales.” These are connected stories about the missionary churches in California. They are sad, funny, inspiring, and odd. I had the entire book done in my head and had just one section to finish the next day…and that is when I fell 20 feet from my roof and landed on the cement. (Like a lot of men, I thought I could maintain my own roof instead of leaving it to the professionals.) I don’t remember anything about my accident but I am told I was flown to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Though conscious and responsive after surgery to remove part of my skull, I don’t remember anything from my first month there. I spent another month of Harborview working on walking, speaking, and writing. That was two years ago. As a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) survivor, I could have quit writing, but I am not going to quit. I work with the University of Washington Speech and Hearing Clinic.

So, here I am. I am married and live here in Sequim with my wife Cheryl. Our kids live in nearby cities. Writing is now an exhausting exercise, but something I plan to keep working on.

I have a new book…it is connected to Amazon

Let’s hang out

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    1. Thanks. I just ordered your book from Amazon and look forward to reading it. Amazon will be attaching it to a ocean going vessel and then transporting it across the Americas by pack mule. I should get it somewhere between now and Easter. There are days I wish I had a Kindle. I have a compulsion to own ever book ever published about Paris in the 1920s so your book will be in good company.

      My opposition to the term non-fiction has more to do with the interpretation all writers bring to a story. A writer, no matter how unbiased and fair, has a point of view that shades the truth. Any retelling of an experience gets altered and remade in a new way. It also could be that I am taking this stance because I find it easier to write when I am not restricted to telling the truth 100% of the time.

      Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.


  1. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply to my comment.
    I accept your point of view – yes, I suppose we are all biassed in the sense that we lean towards an attitude or a point of view etc.
    My background is journalism – working the newspapers, PR and broadcast news all my life. Especially in the latter case, working as editor of TV news, I had to be careful about balance and objectivity. I just say that so you know where I am coming from.
    I am thrilled you have ordered my book. I hope you enjoy it – and I believe you will if like me you have a passion for 1920s Paris.
    I would value your opinion/critique in due course.
    Conor Fennell


      1. No, not your Mom, a book reviewer. When is this book going to be available? Even the Kindle store won’t let me buy it.


      2. The novel isn’t published yet, but I am looking for an agent. I have been tightening it up since the contest and will be attending a writer/agent conference in the next few weeks looking for someone to represent me. I would be happy to send you the full document if you wanted to read it.


  2. Jon,
    I doubt you will remember me, but I indeed remember you. I was an elementary school kid with huge hoop dreams that was also the ball boy for Whitworth for a few years while you were there. At the time (to me) you and the guys on the team seemed so impressive, you might as well have been the NBA all-star team, and all I wanted to do was be at the gym around the team. Here I sit nearly three decades later, and the impact of your interaction and kindness to me still resonates. I am sure at this point, you still have no idea who I am, and honestly, I would not expect you to remember, but after coming across your blog, I had to send you a note to let you know what an impact you made on my life, and more importantly to say thanks.
    Many of my childhood memories have faded, but a few remain vivid, and one specifically is of you and two other Bucs players coming to one of MY basketball games at Mead jr. high school when I was in 6th grade. I remember waiting until after one of the home games, and I nervously handed you and a few other players a copy of my 6th grade basketball schedule and inviting you to come watch me play. Of course, like most college kids, I am sure each of you could not imagine a less fun way to spend an early Saturday morning, but sure enough, a week later, to my surprise, the group of you walked into the gym as our warm ups began. To you, I am sure it was a forgettable event, but to me it meant the world to have you guys watching me play. As the “ball-boy” I cherished the interaction with the team and when you showed up, I knew from that moment on, that I wanted to play basketball and be a part of that type of team brotherhood for the rest of my life, and that is what I have done. I went on to play and coach high school, some college, and overseas, and have run a number of AAU programs and club teams up to this day. Basketball has always been a cornerstone of my life, and I can honestly say, a big reason I got into coaching and mentoring was because of the experience I had with you and the Whitworth team when I was young. Clearly, I am not a writer like you, but if nothing else, I hope this note conveys my most sincere gratitude and appreciation for your kindness to me and the example you provided for me as a young man and athlete. Perhaps our paths will cross again someday, but if not, please know that your actions nearly 30 years ago are still impacting people today, and I believe I am a better person for having known you so many years ago.


  3. Jon – Because I enjoy reading your blog, and sometimes learn stuff from it too, I’ve nominated you for some blog awards. I’ve already kind of messed up the award rules, so you can take it in any direction you want. Some bloggers are not into these types of awards, and I understand that too. I just wanted to share my appreciation of your work.


    1. Scott-
      Thanks for the nomination. Since I am a self-centered, ego-maniac, I really do appreciate your recognition. I don’t read many blogs, but I always read yours. I will also check out the other blogs you suggested.


  4. I’m in lynden was visiting family. Just saw your blog and liked it a lot. Son michael is a chiropractor in Olympia. I live in Sioux center Iowa. Brothers bicycle shop…..and other stuff.


    1. Thanks. We Eekhoffs have to stick together. My dad grew up in Iowa: Grundy Center. He lives in Port Townsend, WA now. I hear there are lots of Eekhoffs in Iowa, and I saw a statue with an Eekhoff in Hamburg Germany a few years back. I was certain growing up that I might be the last of the Eekhoff line. Thank goodness there are plenty of us out there.

      Sent from my iPad



  5. Re:The photo with the caption that starts “My family has informed” …love this picture and the thousand words it paints- cheers


  6. Sounds like you have quite a few fans. And that you’re a really nice guy. I’m sorry to read about your son’s cancer. I hope it is under control or even gone. That would be fabulous. I have a touch of it myself and I’m happy to say it went from four patches in my small intestine down to one. I wish for you all the best.


  7. Oh one more thing. I’d love for you to drop by my blog and scan a few pieces. You might enjoy my style/topics as it’s much like yours. Ta ta.


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