Day: January 3, 2021

Day 177

Donnie I’m Gonna Build a Wall Trumpenstien has added a few more details to his bigly beautiful wall. Remember, it is going to be made of solar panels, thirty feet high…higher if Mexico still refuses to pay for it (so higher), and now it needs to be see through. Why see-through? Because Americans strolling next to the wall might get hit by Mexican drug lords launching drugs over the wall. So… just so I understand, let me write this out. The wall will be clear so Americans walking next to the wall won’t be hit by flying drugs. Are there people walking next to the wall right now? Why will there be more people? I’m pretty confused by this whole wall thing. Wasn’t the wall supposed to be done by now? Or was that ISIS would be defeated by now with Trump’s secret plan he wasn’t telling anyone? Is he holding on to that plan for his run in 2020? 

THE KUSH has to hire a new lawyer. Why? Because his old one saw the writing on the wall (different wall, this one isn’t clear, and is only 10 feet tall). THE KUSH seems to be in some legal jeopardy. He has revised his security clearance paperwork so many times he has White-out on top of White-out on top of White-out…there’s so much White-out that he could build a wall out of it. The first time he revised his form he added 100 people he had forgotten to list as contacts. Yep, nothing fishy about that. 

Shepherd Smith has had it. He went off the rails yesterday saying that there were too many lies to believe anything the Trumpeteers say. Of course, this is not what Fox News wants going on. All of the Faux Newz watchers were shocked to see something resembling the truth said on their channel and are now stocking up gold and water for the end times. 

The voter fraud committee dumped a whole bunch of private information on the internet of people who had complained about the voter fraud investigation. They left people’s email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and redacted nothing before posting the complaints. This might be why people don’t want to give more information to these clowns. 

Healthcare is making its way to a vote. There are lots of side deals taking place to get to the number of needed votes. The problem is that the insurance companies have said the bill is “unworkable.” I’m sure the Donald will fix it. He is the deal maker.

All I want the Donald to fix is a souvlaki.

Day 178

Only 3.5 years left if Donnie Orange Tint avoids impeachment, jail, or death. (Not wishing death on anyone, but a man in his shape at 70 needs to take care of himself a little better.) Speaking of health, there will be a delay in the voting for Wealthcare as John McCain has surgery. I wonder what his out-of-pocket costs and copays are? I’m betting he doesn’t know either because everything is covered when you work in the Senate. I believe they have what is called single payer insurance, I wonder how that works? Oh, the rest of the world already does that…

50% of Americans would rather have Obamacare verses 24% that want what the Senate is cooking up in a van down by the river. Trumpcare is going to hurt the most venerable people in our country. It isn’t better and cheaper. You will have more “access” to healthcare because the plans will be gutted. Kind of like buying a car that doesn’t have seats or an engine. It’s still a car, it just doesn’t work. You’ll only have to pay 1/2 of what you paid for a car that runs. 

Donnie Fredo Trumpenstein Jr’s meeting with a Russian lawyer has turned into a meeting with eight people. I thought Fredo was being transparent (like his daddy’s wall) and had already spilled all the beans. I’m not in the prediction business, but here’s a prediction: This story will only get more complicated before it is done. If it is what Don-Fredo says then why are there so many lies to cover it all up? No need to lie when you aren’t trying to hide something. 

Agent Orange Trump’s support has dropped again. He is now at 36%. That’s not good. The strange thing is that 82% of republicans still support this guy. I can’t make sense of why people can’t see through the Don the Con machine. Has he done anything he promised to do? Swamp? Hillary? Wall? ISIS? Syria? Middle East peace? I’d say the republicans are shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic, but I think it is more like shuffling the flight chairs on the Challenger. 

If you want a flavor explosion try a souvlaki today.

Day 179

The republican wealthcare bill is stalled again. McCain’s surgery is more serious than first thought and he might need time to recover before voting to take away 22 million people’s healthcare. Nothing ironic about that at all. 

Donnie Tiny Tweeting Fingers was busy this weekend attacking Hillary and Obama for Don-Fredo’s meeting with the Russian spies. Yep, it was Hillary’s fault that your son colluded with the Russians. Oh, and Obama should have personally stopped the lawyer from entering the country. It’s too bad that the party of personal responsibility doesn’t hold any of the Trump team responsible for their actions. Maybe it was Don-Fredo’s upbringing that caused him to misbehave. The most obvious problem with team Trump is that they don’t have a moral compass, or beliefs, or behavioral guidelines, or respect for the law, or anything resembling a conscience. This is why there is no belief in the concept of “Truth.” Facts can be ignored, lies can be told without regret, and the enemy becomes anyone who tells the truth. That’s where we are. 

If you’re going to believe in anything, believe in souvlaki.