A Year Of tRUMP

I Lost A Bet…I had to write about tRUMP for a Year.

I added this video every day for a year. Here’s what I posted:

Day 1:

As I promised, day one of 1460 days. 

Day 2:

I warned you. 

Day 3:

Is it day three already? Honestly, I didn’t think we’d make it this far. Here you go 

Day 4:

Four days in and I’m already forgetting my one job. 

Day 5:

You just can’t get enough Souvlaki Hut…day five…only 1455 left.

Day 6:

You know what I could eat right now? Souvlaki! I wonder where I can get one? Day 6…almost survived the first week.

Day 7:

One of the two missing tRUMP comments.

Day 8:

Since all Mexican food will soon be 20% more, how about trying a Souvlaki! Eight days…why does it seem longer?

Nine days

…almost double figures. It’s all downhill from here.

Day 10:

Holocaust Memorial Day was celebrated by banning a religious group from the USA. Need something to wash that Orwellian aftertaste out of your mouth? How about a souvlaki?

Day 11:

Eleven has been one of my favorite numbers ever since Nigel Tufnel turned it up, way beyond ten. My question is, “What has America turned up to eleven?”

Day 12:

A dozen days sounds pretty small, but come to find out when you’re a anthological egomaniac you can do a lot of damage in 12 days. You know what will wash down your loss of Constitutional rights? Souvlaki!

Lucky Day 13:

A baker’s dozen sounds so nice…last night I saw a crescent moon and a single star in clear skies. Maybe it was a sign that we shouldn’t be banning Muslims and should be banning dangerous men who want to harm America like Steve Bannon. Or maybe it was just hunger eating at me because I couldn’t get a souvlaki.

Day 14:

Two weeks: Wondering if by the time we reach a month we’ll be at war in Iran, or Mexico, or Australia… Who knows? By that time I’ll probably be getting my news at the liberal reeducation camps. What goes great with insanity? Souvlaki! 

Day 15:

Yesterday was a blur. The good news was that I went to bed before remembering that it was two years ago when Dylan was diagnosed with cancer. Today he is 22, healthy, and covered by our insurance. The bad part is that he now has a pre-existing condition and if the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is revoked he won’t be able to get insurance. So, yeah, I should probably just shut up and realize that Trump won. You know what goes well with outrage? Souvlaki!

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