A Year Of tRUMP

Day 179

The republican wealthcare bill is stalled again. McCain’s surgery is more serious than first thought and he might need time to recover before voting to take away 22 million people’s healthcare. Nothing ironic about that at all. 

Donnie Tiny Tweeting Fingers was busy this weekend attacking Hillary and Obama for Don-Fredo’s meeting with the Russian spies. Yep, it was Hillary’s fault that your son colluded with the Russians. Oh, and Obama should have personally stopped the lawyer from entering the country. It’s too bad that the party of personal responsibility doesn’t hold any of the Trump team responsible for their actions. Maybe it was Don-Fredo’s upbringing that caused him to misbehave. The most obvious problem with team Trump is that they don’t have a moral compass, or beliefs, or behavioral guidelines, or respect for the law, or anything resembling a conscience. This is why there is no belief in the concept of “Truth.” Facts can be ignored, lies can be told without regret, and the enemy becomes anyone who tells the truth. That’s where we are. 

If you’re going to believe in anything, believe in souvlaki.

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