A Year Of tRUMP

Day 176

Donnie Tiny Sticky Fingers started out yesterday in France by showing the French how we do sexual harassment in the US. “You’re in great shape…oh la la.” Watch her body language as this troll looks at her like a Trump steak on the grill. (She tries to hide behind Melania…maybe to remind him that he’s married?)

The Senate investigation has requested more records from THE KUSH and Donnie “Not All Genes are Created Equal” Jr. I’m betting the two stooges have begun wearing out the delete button on their keyboards. Trump wanted Russia to find those 30,000 emails…looks like email may get some other people “locked up.” 

Very interesting connections being made in the DOJ investigation into Russian money laundering. If you don’t remember this little gem, it’s okay, there have been 7,000 other things to distract you. Remember when a lawyer named Preet Bharara was fired? Well, that investigation into Russians using the NY housing market to launder money was ended by Jeffro Elfin Cookies are Best Bowdeen with a $6 million fine and no claim of wrongdoing. The case was supposed to be for over $230 million. Who represented the Russian interests? Hmmm…the lawyer who met with THE KUSH, Donnie Jr, and Manafort. This would seem to be a big deal, but with everything else going on it’s hard to stay focused. 

I watched 30 seconds of Fox News to see what they were saying about THE KUSH and Donnie Jr… they are reporting that Obama let the Russian lawyer into the country without a visa, so I guess this whole thing is Obama playing 8th dimension chess. Thanks, Obama…not really, thanks. 

I’m also going to thank the owner of the Souvlaki Hut for making such a great video.

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