A Year Of tRUMP

Day 175

The Orange Man with the Tiny Hands and the Big Plans is in Paris today. He’s there to celebrate Bastille Day…that was the day when the French overthrew the King and chopped off his head. (Donnie better to make sure his comb-over can withstand the machine…this is a joke. I am not suggesting Mr. Trump should be beheaded, but an extra can of hairspray never hurts.) It should be a good visit for Melania…she looked very excited to leave WA DC and get some shopping done. 

I watched Trump walk next to Macron at Les Invalides and started to wonder if Trump is having some kind of physical problem. He can’t seem to manage the uneven cobblestones and was walking like a drunk. He is old, so that could be the reason, or it could be that his brain doesn’t work. 

Yesterday, a gaggle of evangelical ministers laid hands on Donnie “Access Hollywood Confession Bus” Trumpster fire. I’m not sure which is more concerning, that Trump is impersonating a person of faith, or that these rubes believe Trump takes his vitamins, reads his bible, and gets down on his knees to pray each night. Who is conning who? 

Congressman Brad Sherman has drawn up articles of Impeachment for Donnie Hairdo. This won’t go anywhere, but the pressure is building. Mueller is being pretty quiet while he collects information. 

The most disturbing news of the day is that Kid Rock is running for US Senate in Michigan. Are we entering a time period when anyone with enough money can run for office? I’d think we would want people who knew a little about the job and how government works. A platform of: “I like guns and Budweiser” isn’t really any way to run a country. A few factoids about the future senator from Michigan: High School Dropout…assaulted someone outside a Waffle House (This should automatically disqualify anyone from office, it isn’t the fighting that upsets me, it’s the Waffle House part.) …According to him, he is an ordained minister…has had more than a few brushes with the law…and his music sucks. (This is a fact. This isn’t a matter of taste. IT’S A FACT!) Chances are he’ll win. 

Something else that is a fact and not a matter of taste is how great a souvlaki tastes.

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