Day 174

Donnie Hairdo is congratulating his son Donnie Hairdo Jr. for being open and transparent. Okie dokie…so getting caught red-handed is open and transparent in the Trump administration. At least we can modify the definition of “open and transparent” in the Urban Dictionary to: “When you have denied and lied for over a year and are then caught in a bald-faced lie.” (Don’t go anywhere Don Jr., I’m not done with you yet.)

Mitch “Turtle Neck will be Covered under Trumpcare” McConnell is delaying the vote on the senate wealthcare bill until August. By that time, he should know whether Trump is heading for jail or not. It will also give him the chance to sneak it by the American people who will be too busy watching the Trump train wreck that we’ll lose focus. 

Columbia University is suing Trump over blocking people on Twitter. There’s some kind of thing called the First Amendment that he seems to be violating. I’m sure he’ll sign an executive order to cancel that amendment soon. Who needs it? Sad. 

Donald “American Psycho 3” Trump Jr. is in some serious hot water and he is dragging THE KUSH and just about everyone else down with him. The Russian smoke is meeting the fire and Don Jr. is providing the kindling. This guy is in way, way, way over his head, but the funny thing is that he doesn’t seem to realize it. Most of us know when we overstep our areas of expertise. It can be humbling and embarrassing, but the Trump family does not have this filter. They never realize that they are in over their heads. Why? Fundamentally, it comes from their notion that they earned their place through hard work and smarts. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (I was going to say brain surgeon, but then I remembered Ben Carson) to figure out that the Trumps have not succeeded through smarts or hard work. They started out understanding that the rules don’t apply to them and that they can leverage their power and wealth to roll over the top of others. That might work in business, but people who generally get to the top in government agencies have worked hard to get there. (I’m generalizing to make a larger point.) Guys like James Comey worked to get to where they are. Comey went to a public school, got into William and Mary, then got his law degree from University of Chicago. He worked his way to the top by taking down the Gambino crime family in New York and worked hard to be a trusted member of law enforcement. (The Hillary stuff wasn’t a bright point, but I do see his predicament.) Contrast that with Don “Fredo” Trump Jr… Donnie went to a boarding school, then went to the Wharton Business school at Penn… pretty good. Until you read that he spent most of his time drunk, his nickname was Diaper Don because he drunkenly wet his bed so many times. After Don-Fredo got his BA he moved to Aspen where he didn’t talk to Don-Vito for a year. Don-Fredo lived in his truck and bartended. After his year of living dangerously, he moved back to NY and worked for daddy. He is the genius who Tweeted out the meme about Syrian refugees being Skittles, has been a trophy hunting idiot for a good portion of his life, and now has released a bunch of emails admitting that he attempted to collude with the Russian government. This guy would be selling used cars in a lot in New Jersey if he didn’t have all the advantages of his family wealth and brand. 

The Russians knew who they were dealing with, a bunch of privileged idiots who could be taken advantage of because they believed they were smarter than everyone else. “I know all the big words. I know all the good words.” “Sorry losers and haters, but my IQ is one of the highest-and you know it.” This comes from a guy who gets his information from Fox and Friends as opposed to intel briefings. This guy, our president, has not shown one bit of curiosity about anything other than pumping up his brand since entering the Oval Office. 

I hope our country learns something from this debacle as it continues to unwind. Those of you defending this as a “nothing burger” better get ready to eat some serious souvlaki.

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