Day 173

Donald “American Psycho 3” Trump Jr can’t seem to lie his way out of this mess. Each time he corrects the record, the new lie seems to bring out another law that was probably broken. Why all the lies? Why didn’t this meeting get reported? Why did THE KUSH and Manafort tag along? The only solution to all this Russian smoke (great name for a pot store in WA DC) is to get people under oath…let the lies begin. Who will be the first member of Team Trump to turn state’s evidence? Should be a fun race to the bottom of the swamp. 

The Original Orange Don Trump is now saying that he and Putin did talk about the Russian sanctions. For those of you not following the trail of tears here, this is the whole reason Russia is involved in this mess. Putin wants the sanctions removed. I’m sure Mr. Art of the Deal has a master plan to help all those middle Americans who are going to lose their healthcare and tax breaks…or maybe he’ll just sell us all down the river so he can build a Trump tower in Moscow. (A really, really beautiful tower with an onion dome top…bigly.)

A recent poll revealed republicans think college is bad for the US. Well, that’s interesting. I’m going to say that college isn’t for everybody, but it isn’t evil. The assault on knowledge isn’t something new, but it is an interesting political stance: Knowledge= Evil. I wonder if the next republican platform will put it in writing…excuse me… ‘ritin’. The attack on elites is standard practice for any fascist takeover. Want to solidify power? Give power to people who have lost power and let them run with it. (You can fill in the blanks on this one, but if you want to see how it works out, I’d suggest looking into the Khmer Rouge.) I don’t know where the tipping point is for this to happen in the US, but each time I watch 30 seconds of a Trump rally I think it isn’t too far off. 

Soon to be Ex-governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie went on a sports radio show and traded insults with listeners. He’s like a bipolar Verruca Salt, but not quite as purple. Classy. I’m sure this is all Obama’s fault…he did wear a tan suit once. 

There is one thing Christie has been consistent about: Eating. Good thing he never discovered how delicious a souvlaki is because he’d eat them all.

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