Day 172

Nearly half a year…and it goes on. 

Donald “Some Village Frat is Missing its Idiot” Trump Jr admitted to meeting with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on Hillary. This meeting wasn’t reported. The excuse now is that there wasn’t any good dirt given. So, if I break into someone’s house with the intent to rob them, but then only walk around and don’t take anything, it isn’t breaking and entering? Let’s not forget that THE KUSH went to this meeting too (another unreported Russian meeting for him). Paul Manafort also attended the meeting. So, three of the top Trump advisors met with a Russian lawyer, none of them reported it, and we are expected to believe all this? A week later, Wikileaks started dumping the Hillary emails…

Kellyanne “I Spend My Time Not on TV in a Confessional” Conway had another logic bending interview on CNN. Watching her lie and maneuver is a master class in Orwellian Doublespeak. Chris Cuomo nailed her several times mid-lie and she just kept on going. 

Running the other side of the deception game is Betsy “I Didn’t Need Student Loans, Why Should You” DeVos. She is quietly dismantling protections for college students so places like Trump University can exist and take money from people. She is also working on loosening regulations on student loans. Pay attention folks because the next rat out of the box is going to be the Trump tax plan that will no longer allow people to write off student loan and mortgage loan interest. Making America Great For Billionaires…the rest of you…sad. 

The Orange Trump has suggested working with Putin on cyber security. This was after he gave Putin his passwords and said, “Vlad, I’m not sure how to set up a SnapChat account.” That’s why their meeting took two hours, Putin was helping Trump with his phone apps. 

Trump is Tweeting this morning about Comey being a leaker and sharing confidential information in his notes. That’s bad, almost as bad as telling Russians about sources the Israeli government had inside ISIS. 

You know what we won’t find inside ISIS? Delicious souvlaki.

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