Day 167

China and Trump are disagreeing about what to do about North Korea. Trump, like most 12-year-olds, thinks it’s simple, China thinks it’s a little more complicated than that. Trump’s track record for knowing things isn’t the best, so I’m going to agree with China on this one. 

The G-20 summit is going to be its own minefield for the Orange Julius Caesar. He has tweeted out angry things at Merkel and Macron. He’s pushed European presidents out of the way. He’s given a full body massage to Putin…Okay, I made that one up. Anyway, he’s basically called everyone names and now has to be in the same room as those leaders. That would probably be uncomfortable for most people, but Trump couldn’t find his limo parked right next to Air Force One yesterday, so I’m sure his brain is operating like a finely tuned Swatch Watch from 1980. 

What the Trump administration is focused on right now is voter fraud. The commission looking into the supposed fraud has been told to leap into the Gulf of Mexico by Mississippi and the head of the commission is refusing to send his state’s information to the commission. That’s right, the guy leading the investigation is from Kansas. He oversees the elections in Kansas. He is telling himself to shove it up his hindquarters. That’s really happening. 

Speaking of really happening, NPR tweeted out the Declaration of Independence yesterday. Trump supporters got all fired up because they thought NPR was calling for an insurrection. Um…wow. 

Speaking of wow, the guy who created the GIF of Trump slamming CNN has apologized. His previous posts have been racist and hateful. He said, “That’s not who I am. I’m sorry.” First off, you don’t get to spread hatred like that and then get an instant pass. Second, this is a mildly mature response to doing something stupid. Maybe The man with hands the size of a three-year-old, and an understanding of the world like a three-year-old, could learn something from this bigot. Yep, even bigots can learn their words can hurt. Mr. Trump, it’s your turn. 

Even the Souvlaki Hut Gorilla knows words can hurt, that’s why my mom always said, “If you don’t have something nice to say about someone, eat a souvlaki instead.”

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