Day 166

Happy 4th of July. Let’s all spend a moment today remembering that we still live in a pretty good place…it could be better, but Canada has it problems too. (It’s colder there…until global warming kicks in completely. They have a place called Canadian Tire that sells more than just tires. That’s confusing.)

Trump will be meeting with Putin next week, so Trump is doing a cleanse, trying to drop those few pounds before meeting with his BFF. Things on the docket to discuss:

1) How to fix the 2020 election.

2) Melania, best looking first wife, or best looking first lady of any leader ever?

3) How to get a few Trump towers built in St. Petersburg.

4) What workouts should Trump do to get that shirtless look going?

5) Is there a job for THE KUSH in Russia? Just in case things don’t work out.

6) Syria.

7) The Ukraine.

8) Haircuts, and how to get a weave that no one will be able to recognize.

9) General Flynn.

10) North Korea. 

Here’s to an excellent 4th. Stay safe and remember to eat at least one souvlaki.

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