Day 163

THE KUSH seems to be in the center of the Morning Joe controversy. Joe claims to have the text messages THE KUSH sent him as a blackmail threat to publish false stories in The National Enquirer. “Be nice to my Daddy-in-Law, or we’ll print some stories about having affairs.” The stories ran…the texts are apparently real…THE KUSH is a bag of hot garbage. 

Team Trump, aka Ringling Brothers, Barnum, and Bailey Loony Bin Circus, is trying to get voter information from the states. Lots of voter information. I don’t know if they plan on selling it to Russia, or to the GOP so they can fix more elections, either way, most states have told Trump to shove it. 

It should be a quiet weekend. Trump is at one of his golf courses “working.” Let’s hope Mueller is working harder and finding the love connections between Trump and Putin.

The only love connection I need is one to souvlaki.

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