Day 162

Trump’s new plan for healthcare is to repeal Obamacare and replace it later…like 2028. This might sound like a great idea for someone who is in excellent shape like Donnie “Long Ties Cover My Big Belly” Trump, but most people need healthcare. Trump believes, I’m not making this up, that people are like batteries and when we run out of our charge we die. That’s why he eats a nine-volt battery for breakfast every day. (I made that part up. Fake news at its finest.)

The Trump tweet about Mika having a face lift has gotten a lot of blowback from people, but there are still people who defend Trump because he was criticized first. Now, I don’t want to use logic to prove a point, but I don’t recall Bush, or Obama acting like this. They certainly absorbed a good deal of criticism without being an Orange Pus Filled Bag of Anger. 

Trump will meet his Bro, Vlad Putin, at the G-20 summit in Hamburg. Hamburg is a great city. My suggestion is for them to get together at the Minatur Wunderland. Trump’s hands will look HUGE there, and Putin’s little shoes will be gigantic. He won’t need to take off his shirt to look manly. The harbor area (HafenCity) is a great place to look for a souvlaki too.

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