Day 161

Trump held a fundraiser for his 2020 presidential run yesterday at the Trump Hotel in WA DC. There are about fifty things wrong with this. Here are some questions I have: Did Trump’s hotel get paid? Did he profit from that payment? Why is he running for president after only being president for 161 days? Doesn’t he realize he will be in jail by 2020? Who is paying to hear the orange faced buffoon talk? When are we seeing his taxes? Aren’t there more important things he could be doing? Couldn’t he just ask Putin to pay for his whole reelection campaign? 

If you haven’t figured out that the Angry Orange Julius Caesar isn’t fit for office, take a peek at his tweets directed at The Morning Joe hosts. What is wrong with this guy? Calling someone psycho when your glass house needs a good shot of Windex isn’t very presidential. Calling someone low IQ when you use words like bigly doesn’t build much ethos. Remember, Mr. Trump, you were the one who didn’t know that healthcare was complicated, that North Korea couldn’t be ordered around by China, and that tiny hands make some objects appear larger than they are. Who knew? EVERYONE! And claiming someone has had plastic surgery when you walk around with a haircut designed in a test tube is classless. Where is our first lady who was going to be saving us all from cyber bullying? Melania, America turns its lonely eye to you. 

Trumpcare is still bouncing around the halls of congress. It won’t be long until it rears its ugly rear again. Mitch Turtle Head won’t let it die…just like the two times taxpayers saved his life through funding his healthcare. Irony is delicious, but not as delicious as souvlaki.

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