Day 160

Mitch “Turtle-Neck-No-Chin-PermaFrown” Mcconnell has pulled the Wealthcare bill back and announced they would fix it before Friday. Then they can go back home and not get drilled by their constituents during the July 4th break. I’m betting the fixes aren’t going to be too big, but the strategy is to make it seem like everything is going to be repaired and then they’ll come back and vote on a bill that will be pretty much the same as the old bill. (“Here comes the new bill, same as the old bill.”- The Who)

Jason “Chia Pet” Chaffetz believes that we should be paying congressmen $2500 a month so they can have an apartment in WA DC. He says it would save them a bunch of money instead of flying back and forth. Here’s an option, how about they stay in public housing. I’m sure there are apartments available in DC. (Anyone else remember this clown quitting? Anyone else remember him saying, “I couldn’t support Trump and look my wife and daughter in the eyes.” Anyone else remember this guy looking like he stole Little Orphan Annie’s wig and dyed it black?)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders (who has a face that looks like somebody stole her American Girl doll) is the new Sean Spicer. (Job Description: Know nothing, lie, read notes provided by the Orange One, Get a Lump of Coal for Christmas, burn in Hell for all eternity.) Sanders got into a fake news kerfuffle with a few news media folks when she took the CNN firings and ran with it. At least one reporter did a nice job of pointing out that if the news media lies (except Faux News, InfoWars…) that they lose their jobs. There is no accountability for lying in the Trump Administration. (They get gold stars.) 

Our fearless Orange leader was caught in his own fake news story. He has a fake Time Magazine cover of him at all his golf clubs. I remember wanting a fake Wheaties box cover when I was a little kid. Then I grew up and realized how stupid it would be if I paid to have a cover made…it would be really, really SAD! So sad…little Donnie “Time Magazine Cover” Trump. 

You know what should be on the cover of Time magazine? The Souvlaki Hut.

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