Day 159

The senate Wealthcare bill is a few votes short. That doesn’t mean it’s dead, because, where there is a tax break for the wealthy, there is hope. 

In one of his stranger moves, Trump keeps claiming that Obama colluded with the Russians. So… Obama worked with the Russians to get Trump elected? The reason he would do that was so Trump would be president and destroy the republican party and the United States? So… Trump is president…couldn’t he just stop being an idiot and foil Obama’s plan? I’m confused. It’s almost like Trump is making stuff up, that then gets reported on Faux News, which is parroted by the collection of sycophantic moron parade members known as Trump surrogates, and then Trump says, “Everyone is saying…” 

“Just because everyone is saying it doesn’t make it true.”-Galileo (I made that up, just in case you were wondering. I’m going to make a meme of it. Then it will be fact.) Galileo also said, “The sun doesn’t revolve around earth. Earth revolves around souvlaki.”

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