Day 158

The CBO rating of the latest Wealthcare will be out today. Here are my predictions: Lots of Trump voters will lose healthcare even though the orange man behind the green curtain said they would get better, cheaper healthcare. All of our healthcare will be hurt. If you have healthcare through your work there are provisions in the bill that will cap your lifetime allotments and lower coverage so you pay more. (At least the really rich folks will get some needed tax relief. I can’t believe how overburdened they are with having to keep a full staff at their summer, spring, winter, fall, and Octoberfest homes.) 

Ambassador Kislyak is being recalled to Moscow. I don’t know if it is time to say goodbye to this guy, but I have a bad feeling that he won’t be seen anytime soon. Putin will either be wiping this guy’s hard drive or giving him some plutonium tea. (Yes, I do think Russia is trying to cover their tracks for fixing the election.)

The man with the orange hands and big plans wants to meet with Putin during the G20 summit in Germany. I’ll bet Putin is shaking in his judo suit. Trump will probably have a well thought out strategy to contain Russia and solve the Syrian problem, or not. 

You know who just found out that Obama should have done more? Trump. It’s funny, this guy has access to all the secrets in the world and he doesn’t find things out until Fox and Friends reports it. It’s almost like he only listens to Faux News and not to intelligence reports and facts. 

Here’s the only fact you need: Souvlaki is delicious.

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