Day 156

The Senate WealthCare bill appears to be DOA. Appears is the right word, because no one seems to be able to kill this thing, and, just like any movie sequel it keeps getting worse and worse. Trump called the House bill “mean.” The Senate bill is just as mean, but not mean enough for the “We Want Everyone Who Voted for Us to Die” wing of the republican party. 

There are recordings of Putin ordering the hacking into the US elections and the hacking was more widespread than first thought. The Trump administration is still in denial mode. Listening to Kellyanne “The Grim Speaker” Conway be interviewed by CNN yesterday was like listening to a two-year old explain that cookies are for eating. “But did you eat the cookies?”

“Cookies are for eating.” 

“Yes, but did you eat them?”

“I’ve already said that cookies are for eating.”

“You aren’t answering my question.”

“Yes, I am.” 

“Can you tell me; did you eat the cookies?” 

“You know what? The American people don’t care about cookies. They care about whether Hillary ate the cookies. Did you know that Hillary eats cookies? She didn’t protect her cookies and other people ate them too.” 

“What is Trump going to do about Russia eating our cookies in the future?”

“President Trump won. Russia didn’t give Trump cookies. Russia, Russia, Russia…The American people want coal jobs and horse and buggy factories to open. They don’t care about whether I ate cookies or not.” 

“Did you eat the cookies?”

“I already answered that.”

In other Bizzaro world news, cameras were not allowed in the White House briefing room. CNN sent a sketch artist to recreate the scene. Sean Spicer avoided answering questions and the whole circus is just plain stupid. The good news is that the sketch artist will get in some practice before he/she has to draw out the pictures for all the Trump trials that are coming down the pipe. 

When life has got you down, there is one place to go: Souvlaki Hut. Everything feels like it will be okay when there is a souvlaki heading down the pipe.

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