Day 155

Our national satirical skit called the Trump administration continues. Yesterday, the man with the tiny hands and big plans tweeted out (probably helped by a White House attorney) that there were no recordings of his meeting with Comey. This was not a big surprise, but the spin doctor rationale that followed was as Orwellian as anything in recent American history. According to Donnie Hairdo’s ministry of truth, he tweeted the Comey tape thing to keep Comey honest. So…the honest guy in this scenario is Donald “I only lie when I’m breathing” Tump? How long have we been at war with Eurasia? Or is that Eastasia? Is War still Peace? I’m confused…I need a visit to Room 101. (Okay, I’ll stop the 1984 references now.) 

Trump also visited a Boeing factory in South Carolina to celebrate all the jobs he is saving…in the coal industry…the Boeing factory is laying off 200 employees. Boeing is a company who was given $9 billion in tax breaks here in WA state. (Boeing jobs are unionized in WA.) Boeing has then slowly moved jobs to South Carolina, a right to work state (anti-union), and kept their tax breaks so they can pass the money on to shareholders. 

Speaking of giving stuff to rich people, the Senate healthcare bill hit the floor. What a mess. Think of Obamacare as a car that needs repairs, so you take it to the shop and the mechanics fix it by destroying your car and returning it to you as a big squashed metal box. That’s the republican plan. Something that drives like a big squashed metal box. 

It is going to be difficult to pass this bill because the vampire side of the party thinks it’s too kind. (Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are the leaders of this wing of the party. Ted looks like a vampire and drinks the blood of children…that’s what I heard…and he is Eddie Munster all grown up. Rand is named after Ayn Rand…enough said.) 

Here are the details of the plan: Give money to rich people, the rest of you need to get rich. 

North Korea needs attention again, so they are getting ready to fire off a couple more rockets. Trump will probably announce he is sending another war ship, submarine, and aircraft carrier over to the waters off Korea. I’m sure NK will believe him, he always tells the truth. He never bluffs. That real tan tells the truth. 

If you want truth, go for the deliciousness of souvlaki.

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