Day 153

The special election in Georgia was the most expensive ever and the result was: Georgia is still stupid. Well, not all of Georgia, but more than half of the part where they were voting between a crazy lady and Jon “I don’t even live here” Ossoff. The takeaway from this election is: if we can spend this much money on an election, why can’t we build new schools?

Sean “Gringo Level of Spiciness” Spicer said that we will have an answer to the Comey tapes this week. Really? I think the answer is in, there are no tapes. Trump will come out on Friday and say, “I was joking. Don’t you guys understand sarcasm?” Faux News will laugh, Rush Limbaugh will take five Viagra and four oxycodone and laugh, Sean Hannity will say, “This guy…he’s great. Bahahaha,” and everyone on the right will say how nice it is to have a President who shoots straight and tells it how it is…I’ll barf in my mouth a little bit. Don’t worry, I’m getting used to it. 

Tiny Elfin Racist Figurine, Jeffro Bowdeen Sessions has hired a personal lawyer. What the Trump presidency needs is more lawyers. That swamp is getting crowded. Is the draining starting yet? 

The Senate is staging its version of 12 Angry Men behind closed doors. Their play is called 13 Angry Men Take Away Your Healthcare. It’s a lot like 12 Angry Men, except all of the characters are racist morons and there isn’t a man in a white suit to prove them all wrong. Can’t wait to see how their version plays to the American audience. 

I’m holding out hope that whatever they come up with it includes souvlaki coverage.

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