Day 152

Where is Michael Flynn? Where is Sean Spicer? Where are the Comey tapes? Where is the evidence that three million people voted illegally? That’s right, we’ll find out soon. Just wait. Next week it will happen. 

Michael Flynn is the most interesting invisible man to me. There are unnamed sources saying that Flynn is blabbing on Trump to save his own bacon. (Flynn bacon, the bacon that tastes like it was made in the USA but is really a product of Russian billionaires.) Mueller has hired one high powered lawyer who specializes in getting witnesses to roll over on defendants. The tea leaves indicate that everyone in the White House is currently preparing to say, “He made me do it.” 

Sean Spicy Spicer has vanished in plain sight. No one is allowed to take photos or record his pressers. (Maybe he believes photographs steal his soul…wait, does he have a soul?) His press conferences are like talking to a student who read Sparknotes as opposed to actually reading the book. He has been asked for a month whether Trump thinks global warming has been sped up by human actions. Spicer keeps saying, “I’ll get back to you on that.” Rumor has it that the spicy one will soon be replaced by Mike Huckabee’s daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (adult Wednesday Addams look-alike). Huckabee Sanders has the ability to lie without blinking, so she’s got that going for her. 

In the “somebody needs to be locked up for not securing information” news, the RNC has released the private information of over 200 million voters. I’m not sure if the RNC’s goal is to put Wikileaks out of business by beating them at their own game, but it’s a start. 

One place that will never go out of business is Souvlaki Hut. (Look closely when watching Mad Max Thunderdome…I think there is a Souvlaki Hut in Gas Town.)

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