Day 151

Syria just got a little more complicated, which didn’t seem possible, but we shot down a Syrian jet yesterday. Russia is now saying they might retaliate. I don’t know if that means they will try to shoot down our planes, release the mythological “pee” tape, or put an import tax on beets. Either way, it is good to know that the steady, tiny fingers of Donald J Trump are on the wheel. 

THE KUSH is thinking about getting a new group of lawyers to defend him in his upcoming legal mess. Pretty soon there won’t be any lawyers left in the United States, they’ll all be working on the Russian probe. Both sides are lawyering up and all indications are that it is going to be a doozy. THE KUSH hasn’t been seen much lately, so I’m assuming he is growing a clone to do his prison time while he lives out his life in one of the Trump towers in Saudi Arabia. 

David Clarke has removed his name from a potential homeland security position. Whether that is because he plagiarized his Master’s Thesis, or found out he couldn’t wear his cowboy hat and toy soldier outfits if he took the job is under discussion. I think it has more to do with the hats and outfits. Anyone who grows a mustache that big has a fashion fixation that can’t be understood. 

The Supreme Court is going to be looking at gerrymandering. I believe this is something we can all agree needs to be examined. I don’t have a lot of confidence that they will put together a ruling that makes sense, but you never know. 

I read an interesting article about how the Donald is treating Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Both nations have been allies in fighting the war on terrorism. Both nations have funded terrorism. Both nations are wealthy. One nation has been labeled by Trump as a supporter of terrorism: Qatar. Qatar also doesn’t have any Trump investments while Saudi Arabia does…probably just a coincidence. 

You know what else is a coincidence? That all nations with a Souvlaki Hut are naturally delicious.

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