Day 150

The Trump parade has circled the wagons at Camp David this weekend. They are probably planning the next 150 days…the motto will be Make America Better Than it Was over the last 150 days (MABTIWOTL150D). 

Trump’s lawyer says that Trump isn’t under investigation…I’m not sure if that it was Trump’s lawyer who said that, or if it was Tump’s Lawyer’s lawyer. (This is getting to be like Inception, but with lawyers.) 

Trump also announced he is going to roll back the loosening of Cuban restrictions. I am beginning to wonder if Trump’s entire goal is to undo anything Obama did. That’s quite a vision. 

Since it is Father’s Day, I’m hoping my dad has the best time in El Salvador. The best way to Make Father’s Day Great Again (MFDGA) is to have a souvlaki.

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