Day 149

It’s official, Trump announced he is under investigation. This made Donnie Hairdo really mad. His little fingers cranked out a bunch of tweets attacking everyone and contradicting about ten things he said in the past. Then Trump’s lawyer got himself a lawyer. Everyone is getting a lawyer. That’s good news. Everyone is now in cover my butt mode, which will be followed by him told me to mode, followed by you’re under oath mode, followed by what size orange jumper do you need mode. 

In case you forgot, the 13 senators who are rewriting Trumpcare haven’t come out of their holes yet. 

You know what I’m waiting for? The Comey tapes. Remember how Trump promised that very soon he would make an announcement and we would be disappointed? Well…I’m waiting. Still waiting to hear about the three million illegal voters, evidence of Obama wiretap, the release of the Trump tax returns, proof Obama was born in Kenya, that Mexico is going to pay for a wall…you get the idea. I WANT THE COMEY TAPES! Almost as much as I want a souvlaki!

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