Day 147

Mueller’s investigation is moving towards Obstruction of Justice…that’s not good for Donnie Tiny Tweeting Fingers. There may not be enough evidence to prove collusion before we get a peek at Trump’s taxes, but I’ll take Obstruction of Justice if that is what it takes to get a tee time for the Donald at a federal prison. (Yeah, he’ll probably get a pardon, but I can dream.)

Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea meeting with Un. Rodman gave Un “The Art of the Deal” as a gift. Un said, “Thanks, I like fiction. Especially fantasy.” Maybe Rodman can be the glue that holds the two craziest leaders in the world together. 

We sold $12 billion in weapons to Qatar. Trump just called them a sponsor of terrorism a week ago. Yep, what the world needs now is more weapons. 

Speaking of weapons. Some Burnie Sanders supporter/nut-job shot up a republican baseball practice. I’m not going to make light of this event other than to say that it might be time to look at some reasonable gun laws. No one has died yet, but four people were killed yesterday at a UPS office by a gunman. Those four people are just as important as the congressmen in my opinion. Regular, everyday people are shot all the time in the US. The answer isn’t more guns because that is what we have been trying…and if ain’t working, why are we still trying? Australia had a mass shooting, made laws restricting guns, no more mass shootings…maybe it isn’t just the Souvlaki Hut that they got that makes Australia a land of wonder down under.

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