Day 145

Yesterday, President Trump started his cabinet meeting with a North Korean version of King Lear. “Before we start giving tax breaks to billionaires and taking away healthcare, why don’t we go around the table and everyone say what they most like about me.” The loser of the sycophant convention was General Mattis who praised the armed forces instead of King Trump. 

Word came out yesterday that Donnie Cheeto Fingers was thinking about firing investigator Mueller. Almost everyone thought that firing Mueller would be stupid, crazy, and potentially damaging to our nation…so get ready for that to happen. 

The racist garden gnome and ex-Keebler elf, Jeffro Bowdeen Sessions is heading to testify to the Senate today. It is surprising that he is going to do this publicly, but that probably means he will have to limit his perjurious statements to contacts he had with Comey. He won’t be talking about his conversations with Trump (executive privilege), his conversations with Russians (already perjured himself there), and where he gets his tiny shoes (the kid’s section of Piggly Wiggly). 

The Senate panel met with the NSA chief yesterday, so I’m betting Mr. Sessions is going to feel like a rotisserie pig at a good old Georgia cook out. After the meeting, the Senate voted to increase the sanctions against Russia…WOW! I buried the lead. Yep, you read that correctly, the Senate, controlled by the republican party, voted to increase sanctions after meeting with the head of the NSA. What’s that smell? Is that barbecued pork? 

You know where to put that pork? On a souvlaki!

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