Day 142

Donnie “Little Fingers” Trump says that Jimmy “The Leaker” Comey was lying. Trump also says that he will 100% testify under oath…who else thinks that is going to end up like his other lies? (“I have proof that three million people voted illegally. Obama wire tapped me. Obama was born in Kenya, I have evidence. I know all the best words.”) If Trump testifies under oath, he is dumber than I thought. He has promised to make an announcement about “the tapes” he insinuated he had of the Comey meetings. This stalling technique is becoming a Trump modus operandi. Tell people you’ll produce something do 500 crazy things and they forget you promised to release your taxes. 

While Trump fiddles with twitter, the republicans are rolling back Wall Street oversight and planning to take away healthcare. Sounds like we’re heading back in that same ditch we end up in every time a republican is driving the car. We need one of those self-driving models. I keep hoping computers will take over the planet soon. Where is Skynet when you need it? 

Computers can do lots of things, but they will never be able to produce a perfect souvlaki.

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