Day 141

Comey testified under oath. Said Donnie hairdo lied. Said Donnie hairdo tried to get him to drop the Flynn investigation. Said he hoped there were tapes of his conversations with Donnie hairdo. Spin doctors on the right called it a nothing burger…I’ll call that nothing burger filled with mystery meat. I firmly believe that Comey is laying the legal foundation for the investigation to proceed. The confidential information will put the puzzle pieces together and then the Trumpettes will start to head off to jail. (Sessions has probably perjured himself by not admitting to a third Russian meeting. Flynn…well, his problems are multitude. THE KUSH is going to be forced to decide whether jail time is better for him or his father-in-law.) 

The Donald saved his only tweet of the day to say that he was 100% vindicated. That’s what Cosby said too. Trump’s been slipping mickeys into Kool-Aid all over the US. Stay safe kids, if an orange-colored man offers you a wall, tax cuts, coal jobs, and eternal life tell one of your liberal friends. We’ll make sure you get home safe and sound. 

Speaking of Kool-Aid. John McCain might need to cut back on it. This questioning of Comey was a little unsettling. Kind of like watching Leonard DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet…”I don’t think he knows what the words he is saying mean.” 

You know what goes great with grape Kool-Aid? Souvlaki!

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