Day 140

Day 140: We reach a milestone today: 10% of the way through a full-term Trump Presidency. Here’s to hoping we are actually halfway through. 

The big news is all about Comey testifying today. Comey released his opening statements yesterday. If you haven’t read them, you should. They are really interesting. I think Comey has created a new genre of writing: Mafia-romance-thriller. 

My favorite episode of the letter was when Comey comes to the White House to have dinner with Trump. Trump tells Comey that he wanted to invite Comey’s family…but maybe next time. When Comey gets there, it takes an odd turn. There is a small table set up and it’s just Trump and Comey and two naval servers. The worst kind of blind date ever. Donnie grabby fingers wants Comey to swear allegiance to Trump like he is the Godfather. Comey tells him that he will promise to be truthful. (Trump doesn’t know what that word means so it probably confused him.) 

I’m not sure where the legal line is for interfering with an investigation, but I am sure that will become the main focus of the questioning today…unless Comey drops a bomb like, “I have seen the videotape of Trump with the hookers in Moscow.” (I don’t believe in the tape, but Benghazi! Emails! Uranium! …see crazy works both ways.) 

The mystery of all of this is Flynn. Why does Trump feel the need to keep protecting this guy? It goes against Trump’s core operating principle: Trump is the only important person in the world. So… does that mean that protecting Flynn is really about protecting Trump? (Yes, that is what it means.) 

Two nights ago, some talking head was saying this whole thing is a big “nothing burger.” Last night, that same dude got a bite of the nothing burger, he said it tasted like souvlaki.

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