Day 139

Trump has announced his nominee for the FBI director position: Christopher Wray. I know nothing about this guy other than the simple fact that he looks like the love child of Elliot Spitzer and Paul Rudd. (You look and tell me I wrong.) 

Liberal Fake News Rag Forbes has an interesting article about how the Donald J Trump Foundation took money raised for cancer patients. The author said it was more like a mafia money laundering scheme than a non-profit charity. Eric Trump is taking a lot of heat for this, but it looks like it was Donnie’s little fingers that were funneling the money through his foundation. (Those cancer kids probably need the money less than Trump. Chocolate cake is expensive.) 

Sean “Spicey” Spicer said that Trump’s tweets are official White House statements. I don’t think White Castle would want those tweets staining their brand. If his account is official, then blocking internet trolls would be a violation of their First Amendment rights (if they were Americans). 

Liberal Media Fake News Anchor, Neil Cavuto said last night on Faux Newz that Trump was the problem…WHA? HUH? Could the tide be turning? 

Jeffro Bowdeen Sessions and Mr. Trump have been having some disagreements lately. One would think two racists with tiny hands could get along, but Trump isn’t happy that Sessions isn’t blocking all the Russian investigation stuff. Sessions told Trump, “If you don’t want me here, I can go back to my job as a racist garden gnome or make cookies in that elfin tree.” Nobody else wants the job so Sessions will be there until the walls come crashing down on him. 

One day until Comey testifies…time for a souvlaki, martial law can’t be far off so you better live it up while you can.

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