Day 138

Things are back to normal in the Trump administration…in other words crazy town. 

Kellyann Conway’s husband crawled out of the Conway family bunker and said that Trump’s tweets on the travel ban are hurting the legal case that is heading to the Supreme Court. You know what else is hurting the case? The Constitution. 

Reports about Trump’s recent behavior should concern everyone. He changed a part of the NATO speech where he was supposed to assure our NATO allies that we supported them if attacked. He inserted his own line at the last minute and didn’t tell anyone. (Insert your own Billy Bush joke here, I don’t work blue.) He was told not to tweet…he’s still tweeting. His mental state, which was never great in my opinion, is slipping like a fan belt on a 1997 Cadillac. He is now caught in a Tweet battle with the mayor of London. Sadiq Khan has asked for Trump’s trip to the UK to be cancelled because of his stupid tweets. 

Back in the USSA, we still don’t have an FBI director…and there are around 525 vacant senior level positions that need to be filled by Senate confirmation. Trump has moved 37 of them toward the floor…he’s got more important things to do: Golf, say that the mayor of London is asking for more attacks, and walk around the White House in a bathrobe looking for his woobbie. 

An NSA contractor has been charged with leaking classified documents. What did the documents say? That the Russians hacked voting machines. Let me type that again with the appropriate emphasis: RUSSIA HACKED VOTING MACHINES!!! Maybe crazy, crooked Hillary was right… You’re right let’s not get carried away. 

In times like this, it is best to hold on to those things that bring us comfort…souvlaki!

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