Day 136

The good news about the Paris Accord is that the world is going to move on without us. I guess this is what it feels like to live in a second world country with a senile, orange dictator. 

Trump did have a series of tweets about the London attacks right after the attacks happened which makes it curious that he can’t find his twitter account when a white racist terrorist attacks other. Trump did call his travel ban a ban in his tweet, so I guess he didn’t learn from the first and second round of, “It’s not a ban. It’s something else.” Good luck in court Señor Cheeto. 

Intel reports place Trump, Sessions, THE KUSH, and Kislyak at the Mayflower hotel last April. This is going to cause a problem for both Sessions and THE KUSH. If so, Sessions perjured himself and it is one more meeting that THE KUSH did not report on his SF-86 (security clearance form). 

I listened to a podcast explain how the SF-86 forms are filled out. (THE KUSH has been saying he just forgot about the meetings.)

The form gets filled out. Then you get to sit down with someone who walks you through your form. They warn you multiple times about what can happen if you lie. Then they investigate and talk to lots of people. If you pass it all, you get a security clearance. (The podcast guy described the process as really serious and scary, as in, don’t lie because you can go to jail for five years.) THE KUSH did not report any of his meetings with Russians. Some of the meetings took place a week before he filled out the form. Not something you’d forget. When THE KUSH resubmitted his form (“I forgot when I was committing treason and when I was just being a tool”) he still left off meetings. If it talks like a duck, looks like a duck, flies like a duck, swims like a duck…it’s probably a duck. 

You know what tastes great with duck? Souvlaki!

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