Day 134

Trump promised to pull out and he pulled out. “I’m the President of Pittsburgh not Paris.” Actually, you’re the President of the United States for a few more months and then you’ll be able to go back to your underwater home in Florida. (By the way, the mayor of Pittsburgh thinks you’re an idiot.) If Trump were president during the industrial revolution would he have protected those horses driven plowing jobs? What about all the telephone operators who lost their jobs when direct dialing became possible? Thank God someone protected those American Online jobs…

The Pentagon and the Sierra Club agree that something must be done to curb global warming…but Trump believes it’s a hoax because he has a degree in Environmental Science from Trump University. 

Elon Musk and a bunch of other heavy hitters have dropped out of Trump’s advisory board and I think the lesson everyone should learn from this decision is that Trump is unable to process information and change his mind. Advising him is like advising my dog not to bark at the mirror where he sees a black dog barking at him. 

French President Macron and the Weather Channel are both trolling Tump and I’m sure Faux News is celebrating the coal jobs we will keep. Backward progress is always good for the economy. 

I’m glad the Souvlaki Hut continues to improve their product. The days of soggy souvlaki are over.

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