Day 133

The day after the covfefe tweet, Sean Spicer had to humiliate himself again by claiming that Trump and a few other people knew what it meant. I’d feel bad for Spicer and his Faustian deal if I didn’t think I’d be seeing him for the next 20 years on Faux News continuing his lies. 

Everyone is waiting to see if Trump is going to pull out of the Paris Accord. It’s the wrong thing to do, so I guess you know what he’ll do. He follows the George Constanza decision making process: If everyone in the world tells you to do something…do the opposite. 

Trump is thinking of returning the Russian property Obama confiscated in retaliation for the hacking. I have a feeling it won’t be the last bit of land Trump will be returning: Poland? Czech Republic? Baltic Nations? Why would Trump do this? No, I mean logically, why would Trump do this? The only logical explanation is that the Russians have some kind of leverage on him. 

Hillary was back yesterday talking about why she lost the election. Let me just say this one time, “Hillary, go home. Put your feet up and watch Netflix.” Faux News will be playing Hillary clips for the next six months and talking about Benghazi and servers while the Trump turnip truck rolls down the street committing treason and colluding with Russia. 

Subpoenas are out and it looks to me like the House Republicans are going to spend all their time focusing on Susan Rice. This is the kind of stupidity that can’t be explained, but it plays well on the propaganda channels supporting the republican talking points. 

Comey will testify next week. This should be interesting. If 

M— W—-

doesn’t tag this post with Rage Against the Machine’s Testify I will be disappointed, but I’ll never be disappointed by souvlaki.

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