A Year Of tRUMP

Day 132

The best part of waking up this morning was seeing “Covfefe” trending on Twitter. Trump was either summoning the evil spirit of Covfefe or fell asleep while tweeting. He was ranting about the fake news when he hit send and left an unusually indecipherable note. (Which is really saying something since the bar for indecipherable messaging has been lowered to a slice of printer paper during the Trump presidency.) The message stayed up for six hours…

False reports also said that Trump had gained five million twitter followers recently. The claim was that they were all bots, and he was going to take over skynet, but it turned out that he had only gained about 900,000 and many of them were bot accounts. Twitter believed that someone was trying to get Trump’s account kicked off Twitter for violating the service agreement. I wonder who? Sean Spicer has been seen much lately. 

Flynn is turning over some papers to one of the investigations. Should be interesting to see if any of his notes say, “Trump told me to.” 

Trump was complaining about Germany again. “They don’t pay enough, the trade deficit is too high, I own two German cars…” Germany supports 670,000 American jobs so let’s not get too crazy about Germany’s lack of economic support. 

Kathy Griffin did something stupid, tasteless, and not funny. (If you missed the news, it was a fake beheading of Trump.) She will probably not get invited to the White House during the Trump presidency, or during the upcoming Pence presidency, or the Warren presidency. No one should normalize this kind of behavior…insert picture of Ted Nugent at the White House here. 

Tasteless isn’t what anyone can say about a souvlaki after they have taken just one bite.

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