Day 131

President Trump made it through a speech without making it about himself, so I’m going to give him credit for sticking to the script while at Arlington. Now if he could do this for the next 1300 days, I’d be mildly happy. 

French President Macron admitted to squashing Trump’s hand and then squashed Putin during a speech while Putin stood right next to him. Merkel announced that Europe is going to forge ahead and lead the way since the US is now driving from the back seat. Maybe that it good, maybe it isn’t. 

In the US, thirteen senators are hiding in a bunker determining the fate of healthcare in America. I’m sure the plan is going to be single payer, universal healthcare, or they might choose Thunderdome. 

Reports about THE KUSH are getting more and more detailed. By the time this is over the republican party will be saying that treason is a perfectly legitimate reaction to the possibility of having Hillary as president. Hypocrisy taste best rolled up in a souvlaki.

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