Day 130

Paul “Ayn Rand” Ryan had a bad day yesterday when a group of middle school kids visiting Washington DC refused to have their picture taken with him. Kids can sense evil, so I totally understand why he couldn’t get within ten feet of them. 

Donnie Orange Glow is going to have his tiny hands full as he tries to decide how to deal with North Korea. They are shooting off rockets like they are planning to invade Mars. Who knew dealing with a crazed leader was going to be difficult? (Who knew…Trump’s slogan for his 2020 campaign.) 

I listened to pundits yesterday saying that what THE KUSH did was perfectly normal. You know, normal like in a Tom Clancy novel where people are committing treason. Remember when Obama had a fund-raising meeting at Bill Ayers house in 1995? People lost their minds and now they are saying, “Of course we should have back channel communication with nations that want to destroy democracy.” If I’m going to destroy anything on this Memorial Day it is a souvlaki.

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