Day 129

Donnie “National Embarrassment, or MAGA” Trump is back on American soil and thinking about whether he will keep us in the Paris Climate Accord. His closest aides are saying he will have us pull out because the pull-out methodology is better than abstinence…where are all the pro-lifers when it comes to saving the people currently living on planet Earth? (If you don’t believe in global climate change, then explain to me how it will hurt jobs to move away from a carbon-based economy. Leading in this area could actually make American great.) 

The federal prison system is probably going to get a fashion make over if THE KUSH keeps on his current track. I can’t imagine Ivanka would want her husband in those ugly orange jumpsuits. She’ll be designing a new orange outfit that goes well with all the various activities in the big house: Dining room fights, shanking someone in the yard, sleeping with your eyes open, and showering with your clothes on. 

It also sounds like there is going to be a big shake-up in the White House staff. Spicer better start polishing his resume. First Trump wouldn’t let him see the Pope (Spicer is a practicing Catholic) and now he is probably going to get his walking papers. I can’t wait to read his tell all book titled: The Lies I Told, My Life as a Fairy-Tale Strumpet. 

If Bannon gets the boot, his tell-all book will be in cookbook form. Page one: Souvlaki!

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