Day 127

Well Donnie lost another legal battle, that makes it Trump= 0, Laws=3. I am tired of all this winning. Speaking of winning, Jared Kushner is winning the race to be the first Trumpiod to end up in jail. He is now the focus of the FBI investigation into Russian influence in the election. The Kush will be a delicious dish in prison, he looks good in orange. 

The NATO meetings were a cornucopia of crazy. Trump pushed the Montenegrin Prime Minister so he could be in the front of the line like he was a three-year old racing to get birthday cake. Trump’s lucky he didn’t do that to the Italian PM. Melania would be getting a fish wrapped in a newspaper and a note that says, “Donnie sleeps with the fishes.” Then Trump did his handshake thing with French Prime Minister Macron. Macron has real man hands and squashed Donnies little mitts like they were made of Playdough. To top it off, Donnie gave a speech without a teleprompter and it did not go well. The other NATO leaders were laughing. To me, it was a cross between a 10th grader giving a speech written by his mother and a eulogy given by a 90-year-old man at a funeral of a person he didn’t really know well. 

Back in the USA, Montana elected a pro-wrestler who came out of retirement to body slam a reporter. I hope the lawsuit for this one goes the distance. In Michigan, some ICE agents sat down, had breakfast, complimented the chef, and then arrested three people working at the restaurant. Bring me your tired, your poor, your people willing to do jobs others aren’t so I can deport them. Yep, this is our nation right now. Good thing we can still hold out hope that a Souvlaki Hut might be coming to a neighborhood near you.

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