A Year Of tRUMP

Day 126

The Trump budget will probably get nowhere, but the very people who voted for making America great again are finding out that Trump’s idea of greatness isn’t what they were hoping for. They thought they were getting Utopia and they got Grand Theft Auto mixed with The Road Warrior. 

The congressional election in Montana has taken an interesting turn. The republican candidate body slammed a reporter yesterday. I wonder how many teachers would get to keep their jobs if they did that? That’s okay, our politicians are above the law. At least the WWE won’t have trouble finding their next superstar: The Montana Mauler. 

Trump has just a couple more days until he’s back in the US. Hopefully he’s learned a few things while he was away. Travel broadens your world view and the Donald could be a new guy when he gets back. Or not. Nothing in this world is certain other than death, taxes, and the deliciousness of souvlaki!

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