Day 123

Prez Trump is in Jerusalem. This is the part of the trip where he will find out that the conflict in the holy lands isn’t Obama’s fault and that they have been fighting a really, really long time. “Who knew?” He did ask the Muslim world to drive out terrorism in his speech to a bunch of dudes in a room that looked like it was designed by RuPaul with an unlimited budget. “I want chandeliers there, there, and there.” 

VP Pence had a tough day at Notre Dame’s graduation. A bunch of graduates walked out when he started speaking. I’m not sure if the protest was over Trump, Planned Parenthood, student loan reform roll backs, the poor performance of the ND football team, or disappointment that people found out that Notre Dame is in Indiana where Pence comes from. 

While all of us were marveling at the insanity of the last week, $800 billion is getting cut from Medicaid so that rich guys can buy another jet-ski. Is it just me or does this feel like a reboot of Les Mis set in modern times without the singing?

Prez Duterte has had it with the west and our double talk, so he’s going to partner up with China and Russia. Sounds like a great plan. Those guys are always straight up like Paula Abdul. (Vague 1990s reference for those of you paying attention.)

It’s a new week, it’s going to be tough to top last week’s crazy stuff, but Trump has a way of making the crazy crazier…just like souvlaki makes tasty tastier.

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