Day 122

Trump is all set to deliver his speech (written by cyborg Stevie Miller) to the leaders of the Islamic world. So far, his trip has included some dancing while holding a sword, some walking down a red carpet longer than his tie, some curtsying to the king, and an all-male Toby Keith concert. What says cultural exchange more than a Toby Keith concert? I’m sure his Red Solo Cup song will lead the set that will end with the Angry American song where we celebrate revenging the 9/11 attacks by starting a decade long conflict in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. Good thing Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with 9/11…but they did buy 100 billion in arms from us so…feels a little like pouring gas on an oil fire, but what do I know? Trump is having so much fun I’m thinking he might stay. Somebody needs to tell him that you can be married to lots of women there, that’d seal the deal. The Saudis are also making sure Trump gets his dietary restrictions met over cooked steak and ketchup, Coke, chocolate cake, and the blood of Obamacare recipients. You know if I was prez all I’d need is souvlaki.

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