Day 121

The President is in Saudi Arabia. Let’s see if he can get through all these meetings without turning it into a pity party for droopy Donnie. I think if he breaks out the “nobody has suffered as much as me” while at the Vatican the Pope might show Trump a few pictures in the Vatican collection. (Trump learns best through cartoons, but a few crucifixion paintings might hold his attention.) Speaking of holding his attention, apparently the people providing his briefings have been adding his name to the daily paperwork so he will read it…reports are that he just looks for his name in the documents and reads that part. (I’m not kidding about this.)

While he is gone Ivanka is going to be steering the country from the helm…yeah, just like the Constitution says, “When the President is gone, his daughter will be left in charge.” I guess Sasha did a pretty solid job during the Obama years, I didn’t even notice. 

White House lawyers are preparing for an Impeachment defense and James Comey says he will testify. The gambling odds have Trump making four years at 40%. Time for all you Trump defenders to put your money where your mouth is and drop a few thousand down on that bet. Me? I’ll be putting my mouth where it belongs, on a souvlaki.

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