Day 120

Trump is preparing for his first, and hopefully last, overseas trip as President. His old buddy Flynn is refusing to turn over evidence, but Vlad Putin has offered some evidence to support Trump’s version of reality. I’m so glad we’re getting along with the Russians these days; they seem so honest. The republicans are beginning to move away from Mount Saint Trump so when he explodes, they won’t get caught in the mountains of ash. (Shout out to Mount St. Helens on this 27th anniversary, the last American icon to blow up as explosively as Trump.)

Trump’s choice for FBI director is Joe “I don’t think a public option will help healthcare” Lieberman. Joe was known for being an independent senator and now works for a law firm whose client list includes Donald Trump. 

How bad has it gotten for Trump? Fox News has begun covering the scandal. 

The big wager is now on whether Trump will quit or get impeached. I’m betting he quits and says that he’s doing it to spend more time with his family. 

You know what he does need to spend more time with? Souvlaki!

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